Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1. Do we need an Electric & Water hook up?
Yes we do. We are fully equipped with long extension leads and water containers so we only require the source of supply.

Q2. Do you have public liability insurance?
We are fully covered with 2 million public liability coverage, and food, health and safety certificates. We are more than happy to provide you with evidence.

Q3. Do I pay a deposit or the full balance when booking an event?
If the booking is within two weeks of the event we would require the full payment otherwise just £150 deposit to be taken to secure you chosen date, with the remanding balance to be paid with two weeks prior to the event taking place.

Q4. Are your hog machines & BBQ’s run on coal or gas?
Our hog machines and BBQ’s run on LPG gas, which we find it gives a much more authentic and cleaner taste and we find it’s better and safer than running on coal.

Q5. How long does it take to cook a whole pig?
On average it takes 6 hours to cook a 50kg pig, depending of time of year as the cold weather will slow the cooking time down.

Q6. Can you cook a hog roast inside?
We can cook it inside with a well ventilated area, but we prefer to cook outside, our machines are on wheels so when your hog is cooked we can wheel it inside for you.

Q7. Do I need to do anything on the day of the event?
All you have to do is point us where you would like us to set up, supply access to a water and electric supply and we will take it from there.

Q8. What time will you require to be on site?
We do require to be on site approximately 3 hours before eating to set up.

Q9. How long will my hog roast & BBQ be served for?
Our serve time for our hog roasts are up to 2 hours. If you require a shorter period of time, this can be accommodated.

Q10. If I have paid the deposit of £150 and I have to cancel the event. Will I get the deposit back?

Unfortunately not.

Q11. What happens if we would like the event to start when it’s dark?
It’s not a problem for us as we can supply strong well lit flood lights.